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Sthapana Divas Manaya
All students must be respectful to the teachers and visitors.
As per the university norms 75% attendance is compulsory in theory as well as practical classes to appear in university examination.
Students in their free time are advised to visit library / computer lab / classroom instead of roaming around.
All Students must observe absolute silence in the library.
Students shall be allowed to borrow two books at a time and they must return the issued books within 15 days from the date of issue. If failure to return a book on the specified date, fine will be imposed on anyone returning an overdue book.
Personal belongings are not allowed in the Library or may be kept at the entrance counter.
Student must always put on College ID Card it is mandatory and part of college uniform.
Students must go through the notices displayed on the notice board for their departmental information & compliances. Failure to read the notices displayed would not be accepted as an excuse for its non-compliance.
Students of all streams have to appear in every Class test midterm/periodical/Pre-University examinations else Disciplinary action will be taken against those who do not appear in these examinations.
Disciplinary action will be taken if students fail to abide by the rules and regulations of the college including expulsion from the college. Misbehavior in classroom and college premises, damage to the prestige and property of college which may be turned as an act of indiscipline and will be considered for disciplinary action by the authorities.
Playing music on Transistors, Tape-recorders, Car stereos, Mobile Telephones or any other similar gadgets with or without earphones is strictly prohibited in the College premises. Defaulters will be punished and their instrument will be taken into college custody.
Students must not attend classes other than their own without the permission of the authority concerned.
Students shall not indulge into any activity inside or outside the College that will interfere with the discipline of the College or tarnish the image of the College.
Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited in the college campus.
All type of Govt. Scholarship is provided. The eligible students of SC, ST, OBC & Gen-(Mukhymantri Chhatravrati Yojana) categories have to submit their caste certificates with documents enclosed at the time of filling of scholarship form.
Students should keep their valuable (Jewellery/Mobile/Rupees etc.) safely at their own risk. College will not be responsible for any loss.
Students are required to keep their mobile phones switched off while attending classes and in silent mode when outside the class.
The entire code of conduct must have an absolute sense of obedience and subordination to the Principal & faculty members. However any act of indiscipline or misbehavior will invite strict disciplinary action.
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